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Instruments Used in Lessons

Need a keyboard? Click on the grand piano for shopping advice regarding Acoustic vs. Electronic pianos:


AT RIGHT: Gabrielle at the Casio Privia in the sanctuary of Holy Cross Anglican Church


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At Holy Cross, I teach on a Yamaha P60 digital keyboard with 88 weighted, touch-sensitive keys plus damper pedal and 10 alternate sounds (like organ and harpsichord). The Classical Academy has a Casio Privia with full keyboard plus sustain pedal. The Franklin Recreation Complex has a full-sized Technics SX-P30 keyboard, and there's an 88-key Yamaha DGX model at the Brentwood Indoor Sports Complex.

Everything we do in lessons can transfer directly to your acoustic piano at home.

Keyboard lessons are structured and notation based. I use the Faber Piano Adventures series for pre-schoolers through adults. It has 8 graded levels plus special supplements like Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hymns, Classics and Christmas. (Click banner at left to visit the Faber site.)